Another summer,

another Mission Trip. As in the past, it was hot, hot, hot!  And humid!  We had one day with the heat index around 115 degrees.  I cannot remember having ever experienced heat like that.  It really zaps your energy.  One group was working to replace a roof.  They had to stop working by 10:30 a.m.  I sure appreciated the air conditioning and cold water that day!

Our trip took us back down to coastal South Carolina, just south of Charleston on the Sea Islands.  This year our base was in Hollywood, S.C. at the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church.  Rural Missions, Inc. is the agency that organizes the mission groups that go to the area to serve.  What a blessing the people of Rural Missions are to those residing in the region.  Some families wait a long time for repairs to be made to their homes (or in some cases, a whole new home), but when it happens, they couldn't be happier. 

Our work assignments found groups painting indoors and out, prepping window frames for new windows and as mentioned above, replacing a roof.  The first work day had us all getting rained out (except the indoor paint job).  Unfortunately, the roofers already had a large portion of the roof exposed and ending up replacing drywall the next day!  We saw first hand how quickly a downpour will create a lake around a home.  The water table is so close to the surface, it doesn't take long for water to build up.  The home I was at quickly became an island itself!

We were successful completing most of the work this week.  The roofers went as far as they could-it was a large roofing job.  The homeowners praised God for our willingness to stick out the heat and humidity to help them.  I am just so glad that God continues to gives us the means and the strength to serve Him in this way. 



Painting.  That's the final color.

Recycling salvaged hardwood flooring.

A little down time at the beach.  It's not ALL work.  We do get some play!

A bit of sanding before painting.  Messy job!

Maybe a little too much fun....?

Our group minus 2 (they had to leave us a day early).  What a great bunch of people!!  Glad to live with all of you for a whole week!