Blowin' Smoke

Here is a link to a restaurant review I posted on my other blog, A Girl and Her Grill:

My Daughter is a Bee

A SCAD Bee. Savannah College of Art and Design Bee. According to the laws of physics, a bee should not be able to fly. The size of its wings in proportion to its body should deem flight impossible. Yet it flies. SCAD founders were told the same thing. "An art school in the South? It will never fly!" SCAD celebrates 35 years of educating and preparing artists and designers of all disciplines since the school first opened its doors to students in 1978. Enrollment continues to increase along with the accolades and awards. Big names in all industries regularly recruit SCAD graduates. Why? Because SCAD is innovative in the approach to student success. From the moment a student is invited to attend, a team of SCAD professionals surround the student to encourage, guide and mentor in order to convey that student to success. Ultimately, the student is responsible for his or her success; however, with the resources provided, success is not an impossibility. In the time that I, as a parent of a new Bee, have spent on campus, talking with students, alumni and staff (and I mean all staff-even maintenance staff are friendly and engaging!), I find SCAD truly cares about each student and nurtures each one to reach beyond his or her potential. SCAD, thinking outside the hive!