Sisterhood of the Traveling Basketball Socks

It started with this picture:

I played 2 seasons of basketball in high school.  We were issued new socks every year and I still have both pairs.  I wear them in cold weather, usually when there is snow on the ground.  The socks are thick and keep my feet warm and dry and since they come up high on the shin, I don't feel any cold air that tries to sneak up the cuff of my pants. 

I was going out to shovel the driveway the day I took the picture and posted it on Facebook, tagging all of my former teammates with whom I still keep in touch via Facebook.  Someone came up with the idea of sending the socks out to each team member and posting a picture for all to see.  I have 2 pairs, not like I will be missing one pair all that much.  So we are.

The socks have been sent and a photo posted. 

Now they are on their way to the next teammate.  The ties that  bind.  As teammates back in the day, we got our butts kicked in marathon practices, bonded on the bus rides to away games and hung out at school before the home games.  Now, we have a pair of socks to revive those good times and remind of us how  funny life can sometimes be.  Pretty cool.  Go Sumner Sabres!!

I've "Bee"n Quilting

I've mentioned what my hubby calls my "funeral shroud" in a previous post or two.  This is it:

It's a bunch of t-shirts from concerts, places I have visited, etc.  The back is fleece and it is super warm.  When it's cold, I wrap myself up in it with just my face peeking out and have a nap in my recliner.  Or you might find me wrapped up in the corner of the couch reading a book.  Sometimes, I'm wrapped up in it napping in the hammock.  It's my cocoon.

I completed one for SAW a couple of  years ago.
Hers is much bigger.  I found plans online and somewhat followed them.  Hers is big enough to cover a queen size bed and then some.

Now I am working on JMW's.  She has been patiently waiting and will be waiting another year or so.  It takes a couple of years from start to finish.  The easy part is assembling the blocks and the backing.  What takes so much time is the quilting.  Hence, the quilting bees of the past-the detail work is painstaking and requires a lot of stitches and time.  I know JMW will be happy with the end result.  It's looking pretty cool so far.  4 rows assembled, at least 4 more to go!  The finished quilt will be about 8 feet by 8 feet.