Winter, I'm Breaking Up with You!

Dear Winter,

That last bout of arctic weather is the final straw. I have put up with your coldness for way too long. I cannot stand the feel of your icy breath in my face and down the back of my neck. You chill me to the bone!

Must you always precipitate on the roads and sidewalks? Why can't you do that in the yard and landscaping?! I am so sick of cleaning up after you. It is one thing to clean up after a small child, but you too?! You have fooled me time and again, allowing my good friend the sun to come and visit, only to ruin it with your below freezing slap in the face. How cruel! I swear you are laughing at me as your North winds blow through the trees. Your promises of crisp, clean air and unmarred blankets of white snow are no longer enough. Warm, toasty fires while in the midst of you please me no more. You make my back ache shoveling your snow. My joints stiffen at the mere thought of you. I have become an expert at the icy sidewalk shuffle (not an area of expertise I desire). I have had enough!

Winter, I am leaving you for Summer. At least when he rains, I don't risk falling on my backside when I step out the door.

Goodbye, Winter. I am leaving my parka and snow boots behind. I will not need them where I am going.

With a bitter-cold heart,
Mimi "Cold Feet"

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Golfindad said...

Well said, Mimi!! :)