Wisps of Wisdom from Walker

My own PSA, so you shant suffer as I am wont to do.  These are not listed in any particular order.  Each makes an appearance as it pops into my addled brain.

  • When weeding as the day wanes, keep in mind, some of those weeds may be thorny.
  • When weeding as the day wanes and the light fades, be wary of spider webs, especially the ones in between the shrubs.  You might want to do a quick sweep so you don't bend down and put your face right into a web.
  • When walking in the woods at night and you go without a flashlight because you are sure you know where all the ankle turning rocks and depressions are on the trail, doesn't mean you really do.
  • When ordering your coffee extra hot, it really is.
  • When you go to sit on the black metal bench that is in full sun, it too, is extra hot.
  • When reaching into a hot oven, make sure you use an oven mitt.
  • When one is above average height, look out for low-hanging branches.
  • When enjoying an evening around a campfire, it doesn't matter where you sit; the smoke will always get in your eyes.
  • When switching the portable music player (i.e., ipod, mp3, etc.) from speakers to earbuds, unless you want to go deaf, you might want to check the volume before you put the earbuds in your ears.

Thank you and you're welcome.

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